How do you stay active?

Throughout my life I have had gone through different phases and many different ways of staying active. Growing up I played little league baseball, basketball, and soccer. During my time in the Marine Corps I spent a lot of time running and even more time in the gym, especially on ship. Lifting weights was a great way to burn off stress while training the body to be more effective in combat.


My triathlon bike posed near a scenic view overlooking Donner Lake in California. Bike riding is how I like to stay active

Since getting out of the Marines I have tried out a few different ways to stay active and fit. I’ve played softball,  WOD killed at Crossfit, swung kettle bells, and taken a few backpacking trips in the mountains with friends. Over the last couple years my favorite sport has been triathlon. One might argue that it’s really three sports, but I have a hard time choosing what I like best so it’s a good fit for me. When it comes down to it, there is no one right way to stay active.


Humans were designed to move and one of the best ways to do that is through having fun. If exercising becomes a chore without any enjoyment, then most people are likely to give it up after a few weeks. Some of my lulls staying in shape have come after being burnt out at the gym or working out but having no measurable goal. Not everyone needs a goal or a race to train for, but I noticed it works much better for me if there is at least a little pressure to get up in the morning and hit the pool, climb on my bike, or lace up the running shoes.


So far I’ve spent a lot of time talking about myself, but I’m curious- what motivates you? Take the survey below and leave a comment to let us know what does it for you.


How do you like to stay active?


What is your favorite way to be active?

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17 thoughts on “How do you stay active?

    • Agreed. Thanks for commenting! I enjoy a good ride and am lucky to live at the gate of Mt. Diablo, a great state park and route used in the Tour of California.

  1. What I love about triathlon training is that waking up each morning means something different: running, swimming, or biking. It keeps it varied enough for me to stay interested.

  2. Nice quick read. I’m also a triathlete and just completed my first 70.3 this year. I’d say biking is my least favorite of the disciplines because it’s my weakest.

    I am going to mix up my cycling some and start bike commuting to work and back to build it up. Hope to see you out there!

    Looking at a few more 70.3s before I go completely off my rocker.

    • I love the 70.3 distance! I started out disliking cycling too, but have come to love it after a couple years. Which races have you done and which ones do you plan on in the future?

      • I did Toughman Indiana 70.3 in May and since I have PCS’d to a new location. I’m not sure what is on the agenda for me in 2017. I think I’m taking a taxpayer funded vacation to Afghanistan. I’m thinking of either Chattanooga or Augusta for my first IM 70.3.

  3. Yep, exercise has to be fun or it’s not gonna happen for most of us. I’m not a gym person. I wish I could say I am a triathlete but I doubt that will ever happen! I voted for basketball because I enjoy shooting around with my kids and it proves to be a great workout for me, even though I don’t play on a team.
    Your blog is very inspiring, by the way. Makes me want to get out and move!

  4. I started out road running, but once I tried trails, hands down no comparison! Trail running is my meditation, being surrounded by nature’s beauty and staying fit, no complaints here 😀

  5. Martial arts for me. I’ve dabble in CrossFit and weight lifting. But for me it comes down to trying to get something that I can integrate into my daily routine, and have something to learn. I am very interested in hearing anything you have to say about consistency. It’s not too hard to get up and run 6-8 miles when a Gunny is going to punish you if you don’t show up. So now that we are civilians, how can we initiate habits that build consistency. I know you are consistent, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be finishing ultras and ironmans.

    • I can see the draw to martial arts. Doing Jiu Jitsu for a couple years got me into many flow states. Maybe you can write a guest post on BJJ for the site.

  6. I love running and the fact that it is outdoors in the fresh air, I always feel great after a run. Personally I don’t need events to keep me motivated but everyone is different and enjoying your fitness is key to keeping fit

  7. I am a runner but I don’t do many road races or marathons…I just like running. Being outside is my motivation but the area I currently live in has kept me confined to a treadmill. I tried Crossfit back in February but I have no coordination so I ended up tearing up some ligaments. I’m still working my way back from that injury right now. Once I hit middle-age…I stopped healing as quick as I once did.

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