Transitions in life are rarely easy. They require us to change. They throw us off balance and by their nature force us to adapt. Coming home from war is among the most difficult transitions one can face.


I was a Marine rifleman with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines from 2001-2005 and deployed to Iraq twice. Coming home from combat was rough. My body returned, but my mind and spirit were still in Fallujah for many years.




This blog is for all of us who have answered our nation’s call to service and returned home looking to transition from the battlefield.In triathlon, one must be able to quickly change from swimming to cycling and again from cycling to running. The successful athlete can make this change in a fluid manner and be ready for the next challenge.

This blog is to inspire all of us to dare to dream big and crush the limits we have set for ourselves.

Triathlons, trail running, and endurance challenges like GORUCK have help me to overcome the sadness, anger, fear, and anxiety that are a part of PTSD.




I am not a professional athlete. I am not the fastest competitor out there. I am a combat veteran balancing a job and a family, striving for excellence and pushing myself to the next level.


Come join me.


To contact Mike, please email: mike@transitionsfromwar.com



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